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Pathologists and Owners

Byron L. Barksdale, MD, 308-532-4700


Lyle W. Barksdale, MD, 308-532-4700

Delane A. Wycoff, MD, 308-532-4700


Consulting Tech/Lab Manager

Karen J. Hastings, 308-532-4700 ext. 208

[email protected]


Billing Office Manager

Connie Tines, 308-534-5244 ext. 213

[email protected]


General Manager - Clinical Laboratory Services

Dianna Brouillette, 308-532-4700 ext. 212

[email protected]


IT Manager

Dianna J. Brouillette, 308-532-4700 ext. 212

[email protected]


Cytology & Histology Department Manager

Lora Guethlein, 308-532-4700 ext. 254

[email protected]

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